Not sure what to eat or how much of it? Do you struggle with making healthy choices and convenience foods are necessary for your lifestyle? Don’t stress! I can help:) Whomever you are, your nutritional plan needs to be realistic for you and your lifestyle. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I take a look at your whole lifestyle, your health history and goals, and we work together to make educated decisions based on your wants and needs. The goal isn’t too have a “perfect” diet…because there is no such thing as perfect! Just as it is in all aspects of life, good nutrition is about balance. Going out on Saturday night with friends? Then eat, drink and be merry! However if it’s a Tuesday afternoon at work and you are craving a pizza? Now’s the time to opt for the veggies and protein. Planning is the key to success in all of life, and healthy habits are no exception to that rule. My job is to help guide you towards healthy habits, but within the parameters of your food likes, dislikes and overall lifestyle constraints. We will work closely together for as many or as few sessions as it takes to help you understand how to control your cravings and to build healthy habits long term.

*Just like our membership, there are NO CONTRACTS with our counseling.  Counseling should fit your needs, your goals and your lifestyle, and every session is geared toward improving your quality of life.